Four companies expert in their sector meet and share knowledge and experience by interpreting the market expectations for innovative and sustainable office building.


Why choose us.
The WWS Solib network features an assortment of solutions, perceptions and intuitions turned into materials. With a pinch of made in Italy.
The result is a pilot network that expresses far more than the value of each individual component.

An open-minded team

The common denominator is the vision: to deliver a turnkey project to the client.

The imprint of Made in Italy

The style recognized all over the world that leaves you speechless. Two companies in the network are Italian.

Specific and whole knowledge

Not only management but also design and implementation. Network components produce everything directly.

Wooden construction for a sustainable office

The use of this natural raw material - by the network companies - is the philosophical and concrete guiding thread that unites them.

Logo Bralco

The Italian experience of a newly designed work environment.

We design and manufacture office furniture. We experiment with lines and materials, giving shape to space, making the beautiful and functional liveable and pleasant to work. We are Italians; our attitude towards natural beauty is natural.

From Bralco to humans at work. Bralco is an Italian company from the Veneto Industrial District. Style, experience and expertise make it excellence in the field of office furniture.

Bralco is part of the WWS SOLIB network.

Ideal Legno
Logo Ideal Legno

After all, we all walk on the floor.
The short story of an unexpected experience.

Beautiful wooden floors that you will not be able to forget once you have taken a few steps on them. Home, office or other kinds of facilities, an Ideal Legno floor will always live up to expectations.

For over 40 years, we have been producing high-quality wooden floors entirely in Italy. Precious raw material and consolidated expertise are the common denominators of our creations.

Ideal Legno is part of the WWS SOLIB network.



When design and inspiration unite.

The house you dreamed of. Starting from the first sketch of the project to the assembly of the components through production and logistics.

We are specialists in the production of prefabricated houses built with panels composed of wood, OSB, plasterboard, gypsophaser and all materials foreseen by the project.

Poly Attiva is a Bulgarian company member of the WWS SOLIB network.

Baranska Design
Logo Baranska Design

An unforgettable kaleidoscope.

Stunning creations with fusing glass and laminated glass. Baranska Design offers the capability to imagine, design and produce significant elements for interiors.

Ours are works of art, the perfect element that gives a refined soul to the environments of hotels, museums, apartments, offices.

Baranksa Design is a Polish company member of the WWS SOLIB network.

Enhancing your project with an outstanding network of operational expertise

End-to-end residential and office buildings deployment projects.
Dedicated to Interior Designers, Architects, Real Estate Companies and General Contractors.

The activity of each of us has evolved through the integration of different areas such as for example, wooden furniture and lighting. The ever-growing demand for housing and working solutions that use natural materials is one of the bases for reflection that has given life to this network.

Individually, we are well-known and appreciated brands in their sectors. Together, we are the managers and implementers from A to Z of your next project.